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As a non-profit, we strive to be good stewards of your contributions. Lori Stevens, Patriot PAWS Founder, takes it personally when you choose to donate your hard-earned money to Patriot PAWS Service Dogs.  80% of your donations go into programs that directly impact the mission of placing highly trained and fully certified service dogs with disabled veterans.

Patriot PAWS also cares about the environment. Currently, we mail out over 20,000 newsletters quarterly.  That is a lot of trees.  If we can cut that number down, we will also be able to practice responsible citizenship as well as responsible stewardship.

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Its time to Pupdate!

Even our service dogs in training are getting the hang of the digital world we live in!  Nine week old Star, Patriot PAWS Service Dog in Training, is checking out our digital archive of newsletters on our website.